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Hank's Tumblr: Is This OK?



I love Tumblr…big big love. And I like that you can like or reblog something without commenting on it, because, like, not everything needs commentary…not everything needs to be analyzed to be amplified.

But when I post original content (specifically blog posts or videos) I really like to know what people think about those things…and more than just the sliding scale of “how many notes did this get.” I want deeper information than that, and so I’m always diving into the notes to see what people say when they reblog stuff, but mostly, people don’t say anything. 

YouTube comments are great, but one of the things Tumblr is really great at is facilitating a broader public discussion. And I’m not saying people should go out of their way to comment on a reblog, nor am I saying that there aren’t often lots of good discussions, but I just dove down about 200 notes deep on this thing that I posted and didn’t see a single additional word associated with any reblogs.

Is Tumblr becoming (or has it always been) a place where you define yourself simply by the things that you like, and not by the things you say and think? I know some people aren’t comfortable sharing themselves like that, but it’s almost always worthwhile to say something if you have something to say.

I guess what I’m saying is that the internet is a two-way street…we are all creators…I don’t ever want to lose that.

I joined tumblr yesterday exactly because tumblr seems like a great place for deep internet commentary. Does the ease of reblogging and the cuteness of puppies mean most tumblr activity will inevitably be devoid of meaning? Yes. But in a post-space huge enough that “tiny minority” means “mere millions,” I’m ok with that. Absolute amount of good content is what’s important to me, not the ratio. Tumblr isn’t a democracy; they’re not going to pick puppy reposts for president and then take away our critical discussions. At least, I think. I’m still new.

I was gonna say that because we’re cool internet people we can lead by example, but then I realized it’s the opposite— you get to be a cool internet person by doing the things you think should be done, not even if no one else is doing them, but especially if no one else is doing them.

So hi, everyone! Whatever you have to say is worth saying. Anyone reading your words is reading because they chose to, even if they found you only because they were looking for someone to disagree with. Post away, whether original, cliche, or simply bad. There is room for you here. It’s not like we’re running out of space on the internet.

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